95-97 Maude St, Shepparton

VIC 3630, Australia

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Our Vision and Mission

St Augustine's Anglican Church Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to be a welcoming, vibrant Christian community sharing God’s love with all.

Our vision statement is an attempt for us to align ourselves with Gods mission, and to play our part as a church of Christ in this mission.

Therefore, our Mission is:

to BEND to God’s will through the following actions:

Therefore, our strategic priorities are:

Encourage Fellowship

Reclaiming our identity as a Church by taking part in community outreach, engaging with community social structures, connecting with multifaith communities, providing ministry in residential age care centres, our facilities offered to serve the community, providing hospitality after church.

Nourish Spiritual Growth

Growing our territory through, belonging and ministry opportunities.

Fellowship amongst members are a priority, Education a priority (sermons, Bible Studies) Welcoming of others are a priority (visitors need to feel welcome and at home) Zoom Baptism Preparation (once a month, Mission tool) Weddings (Mission tool ) Funerals (Mission tool), House visitation (Mission tool) Caring for the sick (Mission tool)

Build Christian Values and Nourishing Spiritual Growth

Spiritual formation an important aspect of church life through:

Zoom: Coffee Evenings, Book reading, Faith Sharing (40min)

Zoom: Quiet hour (meditation)

Zoom: Bible Study (Lectio Divina)

Zoom: Evening Prayer