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St Augustine's Marriage Ceremony

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The essential nature of God is relationship, reflected in his very being of at once Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This sense of spiritual relationship or bond is reflected also in God’s relationship to the world, and Christ’s relationship to the Church. Marriage is the celebration of the holy, spiritual and loving union of two people who complement and complete each other’s lives. It is a union which shares and strengthens each individual’s love and service of God; our partner is, as it says in the book of Genesis, the bone of our bone, and the flesh of our flesh. Couples who would like to be married or have their civil union blessed in our parish churches are encouraged to join our congregation, worshipping with us on a regular basis. It is also expected that couples participate in marriage preparation leading up to the wedding, in consultation with the parish priest, to ensure that they are well-informed as to the sacrament of holy matrimony and the implications of married life.

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