95-97 Maude St, Shepparton

VIC 3630, Australia

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Our History

Shepparton is a vital, thriving and well-developed city with a population of about 64,000. It is the ‘capital’ of the rich Goulburn Valley, 175 kilometres north of Melbourne ‘and is a rich fruit-growing and dairying area, as well as having a large health-care sector and catering for all levels of education, including campuses of two Universities.

It is the centre of one of the largest irrigation schemes in Australia. Geographically flat, demographically it is fascinating with a rich ethnic diversity surprising in a rural city. The significant Macedonian community uses St Augustine’s Church and its clergy as their own and contribute mightily to the life of the parish. In the city too are significant Aboriginal, European, Indian and African communities. Italian, Iraqi, Greek, Aboriginal and Albanian communities.

The Parish Church is a very fine building indeed. Built of warm coloured local brick it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city and is surrounded by tranquil, well treed and lovely grounds. It was designed in 1926 by Louis Williams, but his ambitious original design which included a spire, was beyond the means of the parish at the time and never fully realised. However in the nineteen eighties the incomplete Church was imaginatively and sensitively extended and refurbished into the lovely and practical building that it is today.

It is notable for a very beautiful baptistry, some excellent stained glass, a lovely Lady Chapel, a large sanctuary brought forward from the original design and with altar rails all the way round it, and a multi purpose and well designed narthex. It also possesses some fine embroidery.

Shepparton parish is a lively and caring one, involved in all sorts and varieties of worship and activity. It attempts to be true to the tradition from which it springs while being open to what is new and fresh.